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The Adventures with Tilly and Molly Series



Encourages verbal development in young

children, including sounds, early words,

and emotional awareness.

Book Bundle with Childrens Book, Dog Plushie, Character Stickers, & Bookmark
Dog plushies that go with the children's book

Do you know a school or event
that would enjoy Mrs. T. reading
Let's Go Tilly! Let's Go Molly!?



Alexa Young, Mom

My daughter loves reading "Let's Go Tilly, Let's Go Molly".  It's her favorite bedtime story! She uses her golden plushie to interact with all the characters in the story.  Thank you!"

Morgan James, Teacher

"As a teacher I like to purchase books that will help my son learn early sounds and words but that are also fun and interactive. This book is perfect for him and he loves the stickers, we placed them on his school water bottle!"

Lisa Driver, Publisher

"Let's Go Tilly, Let's Go Molly is a heartwarming and delightful journey through the eyes of a curious five-year-old named Tyler and her two lovable canine companions. This charming tale takes readers on a whimsical walk filled with enchanting encounters with various animals. With vivid descriptions and endearing illustrations, the author captures the magic of childhood exploration and the joy of discovering the world alongside furry friends. A captivating and uplifting story that will surely resonate with both young readers and those young at heart."

Barbara targonski 

Hello there! I'm Mrs. T, your friendly neighborhood storyteller, and the creative force behind the heartwarming tales of "Let's Go Tilly! Let's Go Molly!” I’m a mom of three, a wife, a new grandma, and a dog mom of two!  During my days as a stay-at-home mom, story time was a cherished bedtime ritual for us. When my children went to school I became an ABA Therapist for children with ASD. I realized then how many children needed books that were easy to follow and focused on language development. This knowledge created the path for my books. My dogs Tilly and Molly inspired me to write about our daily adventures, in addition to my sweet granddaughter Tyler.  My days are filled with the joy of creating stories for children to encourage verbal development,  introducing them to the joy of sounds, early words, and emotional awareness. One of the perks of being Mrs. T is getting to visit schools and meeting the most awesome kids on the planet. So, dear reader, buckle up for a literary adventure like no other. "Let's Go Tilly! Let's Go Molly" is not just a book; it's an invitation to join me, Tilly, Molly, and the newest member of our crew, Tyler. Together, we'll discover the joy of storytelling, one wagging tail at a time. Let's go!

Barbara Targonski, Author Children's Book, Let's Go Tilly! Let's Go Molly!
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