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Pedaling Along

Two wheels spinning down a path,

Legs pedal fast, escaping wrath.

The wind caresses my smiling face,

Red hair tangles, out of place.

Riding under the sky so blue,

The sun a bright orange hue.

Water shimmers, gold it holds,

Moon's tides rise, tales untold.

Seagulls dance upon the waves,

Mocking fish in hidden caves.

Southward bound, towards dry land,

My eyes catch what lies ahead.

Miles of bright yellow alyssum,

spreads over hills in an optical prism.

A picture vivid, oh so pure,

creates an illusion's allure.

Suddenly I'm hit with a scent,

of sweet honey dripping from a nest

Earthy and green, in frothy cream,

Pedaling slows, a peaceful dream.

Atop the hill, I come to rest, Springs embrace, at its best.

Along the coastline, life is in bloom,

Beauty gifts away the gloom.

By Barbara Targonski


This is my first year participating in the Spring Fling Kid Lit Contest.

Pedaling Along was inspired by the above GIF, we had to choose a spring-themed GIF to write about.

As a child, I rode my bike everywhere and I loved the carefree feeling of the wind blowing in my face as I pedaled along. Now as an adult, I am back to riding a bike and I feel like a child again!

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